To the general consumer, how a product goes from being manufactured to landing in the grocery store or on their doorstep does not cross their mind. However, there is a world most consumers are unaware of. A world where not only products but also ingredients and components of products are transported from country to country, region to region, city to city.

This transportation process can be complicated and difficult to make efficient. Manufacturers face questions such as:

  • “Is our current transportation process the most efficient possible?”
  • “How will we import our goods from other countries?”
  • “How will we export our finished product to other countries?”

These questions are very real questions that companies must answer, but most companies do not have the time or resources to devote the needed attention to these questions. That’s where Jones International Logistics comes in. We do the planning for you to ensure that your products are properly imported, exported, and delivered in the most efficient ways possible.

We have warehouses and transportation systems all over the world to serve our customers. We transport products by boat, plane, train, semi trucks, and more. Depending on your product and transportation needs, we will develop a logistics plan that is efficient and makes sense for your company.

As logistics experts, we are committed to making your transportation process as seamless as possible from start to finish. From transporting raw materials to delivering the final product, Jones International Logistics will develop a logistics plan that will increase efficiency and maximize profit.

Besides transportation, worldwide warehousing solutions are another opportunity that Jones International Logistics offers. Because we know that warehousing & transportation go hand in hand when developing a workable logistics plan, we have strategically placed warehousing locations around the world.

Whether you’re supplying raw materials or finished goods to the United States, Mexico, China, or Austrailia, we’ve got you covered. We have millions of square feet of warehouse space located in nearly every country so our clients can ship and store the necessary goods for their business.

Is your company in need of a complete logistics overhaul? Let Jones International Logistics take the lead. We will be happy to provide a free assessment and quote for your needs. When you hire Jones International Logistics to assess your current logistics and warehousing system, we provide an in-depth analysis of your current process. Then, we will compare our analysis with your logistics goals to aid in developing a logistics plan that works for your company.

Our goal is to help companies create efficient processes so they can save time and money on their transportation and warehousing. In turn, this allows our clients to increase their bottom line, becoming more profitable and gaining a competitive edge over their competitors.

Are you reading to deliver your goods faster and more efficiently? Maybe Jones International Logistics is for you. If you are ready to become more profitable by improving the efficiency of your transportation and warehousing, Jones is your company. They have a proven track record with large, international companies and are always looking to help other companies as well.